Nexus 7, The Hardest Device to Unbox Ever!!!

Laughed my ass off with this video!!!

The reviewers and owners have a hell of a hard time to unbox Nexus 7 after waiting so long for it. The sleeve of the box is so tight and even after you managed to open it, there are two super-sticky tapes beside the box. If you think that’s bad enough, the box won’t just slide open and you need extra force just to open the box. Click ‘Read More’ to watch the video.

Way to go, Asus and Google for the world’s first Jelly Bean tablet. Maybe the Taiwanese manufacturer is so afraid of spoiling their reputation after being given a chance by Google to manufacture their product that they make packaging extra safe. 😛

What’s your say?

2 Responses

  1. Bryan Wong says:

    epic fail packaging!

  2. John Khor says:

    Yup. I laughed my ass off. Haha. Epic fail indeed. 🙂

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