Asus PadFone: A hybrid of Smartphone and Tablet, is slated to launch this Christmas 2011!!!

Finally something very innovative is going to happen in the smartphone and tablet market and it’s not from Apple. 😛 This is going to change the game and create new rules!

Asus PadFone Picture Malaysia

Introducing Asus PadFone. A smartphone inside your tablet. How cool is that?

Earlier, Asus teased us with their ‘Pad or Phone?’ photo in their Facebook Fanpage after their launch of Asus Eed Pad Trasnformer.

Asus new tablet Asus PadFone

And now, it’s confirmed that Asus is going to launch their PadFone somewhere around Chirstmas and most probably the PadFone will ship with Ice Cream Sandwich, Android’s latest OS.

The tablet screen is 10-inch and the smartphone will have 4.3-inch display. And you can dock the smartphone into the tablet and you can use the smartphone’s 3G network to go online. No need for multiple simcards! And the tablet can charge your smartphone when your smarphone is docked in the tablet and this serves as an extra battery, giving you maximum usage while on the go.

Asus Padfone Smartphone Dock

Anyhow, let’s enjoy Asus PadFone official videos while we are waiting excitedly for the launching of Asus PadFone in Malaysia. Maybe somewhere around March 2012? And the most important question is, ‘What is the price of Asus PadFone in Malaysia?’

Asus PadFone commercial.

Asus PadFone. Behind the Scenes.

What’s your say?


5 Responses

  1. Hyyeo22 says:


  2. Irezal80 says:

    where the price for padfone..??

  3. johnkhor says:

    Not out yet. 🙂

  4. Faizol2020 says:

    The price?where i can buy it?i live t penang

  5. johnkhor says:

    Hi Faizol2020, Asus PadFone will be launched somewhere Christmas 2011. There price is still unknown. Just stay tuned with my blog and I will keep you updated. 🙂

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