iPhone 4 is REALLY in Malaysia already!!!

Digi's iPhone 4

Maxis iPhone 4

It’s here!

iPhone 4 has reached Malaysia after so many months of speculating, guessing and second guessing about it.

Digi launched the phone earlier and followed by Maxis. I am surveying the packages that Digi and Maxis are dishing out. I read that if you talk a lot, then you should use Maxis’ package and if you are a heavy data user, then you should consider Digi’s package.

I am seriously thinking about whether should I buy iPhone 4 or not. I am quite worried about the monthly commitment that I have to bear. It is said that we cannot prevent iPhone from using data and if you are not using the data package, you will be charged a lot for the data used.

Just like my girlfriend’s iPhone, her contract has just finished and we still have to continue to subscribe to the data package because without the data package, her data bill will amount to RM100++ every month. Now, she is using Rm58 per month for 500MB. -_-“

What do you guys think? Is the convenience given by mobile internet worth the commitment?

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