An error occurred while trying to add the application to your profile. Please try again later.

That’s the statement that I hate the most from Facebook! (currently)

I was trying to activate WPBook plug-in to automatically post my latest blog posts directly into my Facebook account.

Everything was smooth during the installation until when suddenly this appeared:

Facebook: Add a Tab to my Profile

All was smooth during the WPBook plug-in installation until I clicked this ‘add profile tab’ button.

Facebook: Error add an application to profile tab

Then this message appeared. I was so frustated because I got the same message when I tried to install the Wordbook plug-in.

Finally after googling for the solution, finally I learnt that this error has to with Facebook’s earlier changes on October 13th, 2010. Starting on the day onwards, the ‘add to profile tab’ does not work anymore. The Facebook people has decided to disallow discontinue (a more diplomatic word, :-)) the function to users’ profile only but the function is still available for fan pages.

Existing application tabs on user profiles will be automatically removed after November 3rd 2010. So, enjoy your application tabs.

For your information, Wordbook plug-in cannot work anymore for those who are installing it from October 13th 2010. I always get the same error message when I tried to get my Facebook API or whatever it was. So, goodbye Wordbook.

Now I am trying WPBook plug-in after reading about it. If I am facing any issues, I will post it. If everything’s good, then I might blog about the goodness or awesomeness of the plug-in when I have the mood. Maybe I am more suitable to be a critic? Haha. Do comment to let me know if you have anything to say.

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