iTunes Store Finally Available in Malaysia and 11 Other Countries!

iTunes Store Launched In Malaysia

ITunes Store officially launched in US in April 28 2003. After 9 years++, finally iTunes Store is available in Malaysia. No need to get iTunes gift cards or create US Apple ID just to purchase your favorite musics or movies.

Now, Malaysians can purchase and download musics, rent movies or buy movies from iTunes Store. Besides, Malaysia, other 11 Asian countries are getting their iTunes Store. The list of countries getting the iTunes Store are:

Brunei, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Laos, Macau, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

One song will cost around US$0.69 ( and above, one album will cost US$9.99 and above, one standard definition (SD) movie will cause US$2.99 and above to rent and US$9.99 and above to buy and one high definition (HD) movie will cause US$3.99 and above to rent and US$14.99 and above to buy.

What do you think? Good news for you or are you neutral about it considering there are many other options for you to enjoy the musics and movies that cost less or cost nothing?

Oh ya, if you can’t access to Malaysia’s iTunes Store in your iTunes, do remember to update your iTunes software to the latest which is 10.6.3, Mac and WIndows version to get the iTunes Store in your iTunes.

What’s your say?

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