How To Remove SD Card/MMC Card/Memory Card from Your iMac CD Slot?

Accidentally put your SD card or whatever card into your iMac’s CD-ROM slot? Freaking out? Apple is charging you US$150 for fixing this problem for you? Or outside computer technicians charging your US$50 to solve this issue? No worry, this video will save your ass and your $$$.

Sometimes it doesn’t take a genius or a PhD to solve some complex issues. You just need common sense. A simple and unlikely solution to what may seems to be the impossible problem. Kudos to this guy.

He even got free meals in Hong Kong. So nice.

Best YouTube Comment Ever for solving the SD Card stuck in iMac CD SlotHopefully this solves your problem and give you inspiration to solve your other problems in life. 🙂

What’s your say?

P/S: Who says that Apple design is perfect? It takes trial and error to make it perfect. The design of putting the two slots together will increase the probability of this SD card issue happening. 🙂

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