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YTL YES 4G launching soon 1

Update: 5 Hours to the launching of YTL’s YES 4G! Price is confirmed! Check your YES 4G coverage!

First of all, the price has become official. 9 sen for 1 minute talk-time, 1 SMS and 3MB of data. You can see this in their Facebook fan page. That’s half of the story only as the rebates and exact details still haven’t kicked in yet. Gotta wait until the launching. Lots of teasers. Very tension now.
By the way, while waiting for the launching, you can actually check whether your home, office or favourite hang-out areas has coverage for YES 4G. Go to this website: http://coverage.yes.my and pray hard that your home is covered.

YTL YES 4G Price Plan Rates & Prices 16

YTL’s YES 4G rates leaked!

Somebody in the Twittersphere shared with us the leaked YES 4G price plan. There’s a picture that shows the rates that YES 4G is charging. 9 sen for 1 minute of talk-time, 1 SMS and 3MB of data.

The Fast and The Furious Movie Poster 0

Financial Tips #3: Never drive for more than the speed limit.

I know many hot-blooded men out there who always love to speed regardless of the speed limit. More over, thanks to Fast & Furious, many are even motivated to drive even faster. If you are rich enough, then do whatever you like. But, if you are trying to become rich or want to create wealth, please, don’t drive over the speed limit.

YES, the World's 1st 4G Mobile Internet Network 25

YES! 1st 4G Mobile Internet in The World @ YTL Communications!

YES 4G Mobile Internet with Voice
I was driving pass Caltex petrol station near eGate, Penang & Tesco Jelutong, when I noticed a big billboard that says that a new 4G mobile internet network with voice will be coming soon and a big YES.The billboard looked something like this.

That caught my attention and I checked out their website and I was suprised and quite impressed with what YTL Communications can offer us.

I will highlight some of the features of their new 4G mobile internet network, the rest you can get the information from their website.