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White iPhone 4 Maxis 2

White iPhone 4 is finally here in Malaysia!!!

Well, I have been iPad2-ed. I know I have been missing for 1 week++ dee. It’s all because of iPad 2. It’s just too addictive. I have been exploring the iPad 2 for one week and now I am back. I am preparing the iPad 2 review and will be up soon.

Even though I am missing, I am still reading about our local telecommunication new using my new toy, iPad 2.

iPhone 4 side shot 0

iPhone 5 launch rumored to be in September 2011?

This iPhone 5 rumor is getting more substance.

I have read in the Internet that an analyst report from Avian Securities claims that iPhone 5 will not start production until September 2011 which coincides with Apple’s fall music event. This makes sense.

iPhone 5 with aluminium backing & redesigned antenna 0

iPhone 5 to come with Aluminium Backing & Redesigned Antenna?

According to a Chinese source, Apple will replace the current glass design with aluminium casing due to problem with scratches on the glass surfaces, difficulties with white paint and the weight of the glass just like the first iPhone’s aluminium back casing.