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iPhone 5 launching in Oct 2011 4

iPhone 5 will only be available for sale as early as October 7 2011?

This clarifies the rumors that iPhone 5 might be launched in September/October.

From what I understand, I believe that iPhone 5 will be launched in September 2011 as rumored but will be available to consumers in October 2011.

Another rumor that iPhone 5 will be available for pre-orders as early as end of September 2011 adds weight to the statement above

iPhone 5 rumored design 4 2

Another rumored design of iPhone 5?

This rumor comes from Macrumors.com.

This time, Macrumors.com engaged a design company, Ciccaresdesign to help design the predicted iPhone 5 design based the rumored iPhone 5 casing.

Here are the designs:

iPhone 4 side shot 0

iPhone 5 launch rumored to be in September 2011?

This iPhone 5 rumor is getting more substance.

I have read in the Internet that an analyst report from Avian Securities claims that iPhone 5 will not start production until September 2011 which coincides with Apple’s fall music event. This makes sense.