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iPhone 5 with aluminium backing & redesigned antenna 0

iPhone 5 to come with Aluminium Backing & Redesigned Antenna?

According to a Chinese source, Apple will replace the current glass design with aluminium casing due to problem with scratches on the glass surfaces, difficulties with white paint and the weight of the glass just like the first iPhone’s aluminium back casing.

iPhone 5 4 inch screen size? 4

iPhone 5 to Feature Larger Screen but Thinner Bezel?

Yeah! That’s what I have read from Internet recently. And here’s the photo that started the rumor mill.
iPhone 5 with larger screen and thinner? Possibly 4″ screen?

This photo is reportedly posted by iDealsChina. It claims that this front bezel is part of “iPhone 5”. Bezel means border here, just in case you think what does iPhone 5 screen has to do with bezel nuts. 🙂