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Guys, what type of trousers do you put on every time you are going out with your friends or to that football match? Are you thinking jeans? Exactly! Jeans are the basic pants we wear anywhere we go which are made from denim or dungaree fabric. It is a must-have fashion item everyone needs to have in their closet. It will be a shocker if you don’t have one.

The stylish jeans offers various cuts including skinny, boot cut, straight cuts, low waist, slim cut and narrow bottom. It allows us to look fashionable while still feeling the comfort. Jeans are a flexible wear to be matched with a t-shirt, jersey or even your business shirt. Coming not only in the classic blue or black in colour, designers have made it available in colourful designs of red, yellow, green and more.  The excellent choices of colours gives customers a new look of jeans to be paired with their tank tops. Pair it up with a plain top like Orlando Bloom and accessorize your outfit with a pair of trendy sunglass and scarf.

However, finding the perfect jeans for you is not an easy task. Luckily, there are various designs in the market which are created to fit every individual’s body type. For example, someone who has longer legs could tone it down with a pair of boot cut or straight cut jeans. Meanwhile, if you want to make your legs look thinner and longer, skinny and slim cut might be the perfect jeans for you.

As jeans are a versatile wear especially on a casual day out, celebrities such as Robert Pattinson and Kanye West also wear jeans whenever they have a break from their hectic filming schedule. Robert looks dashingly handsome in brown coloured jeans and Kanye appears with a hype look wearing a pair of green jeans. Interested to add some new trendy addition to your jeans collection at home and look handsome with your new style?

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