The iOS 4 is ready and rocking!

The iPhone iOS 4 is loaded in to my girlfriend’s iPhone 3GS!

After all the excitement and hype and hours of waiting for the download to complete, my conclusion for the iOS4 is so-so only.

I am not a computer geek. So I can’t give you a great and detailed review of the software update. I only can give review from a layman’s point of view.

The wallpaper change is a welcome. At least you won’t always see black on the Home screen.

Secondly, the multitasking function is good. I am able to play Youtube videos and surf Safari at the same time without having to reload everything again. That’s cool.

Another thing I have noticed is that it has potrait orientation lock. This is a very good improvement because sometimes while I am Facebook-ing or surfing Safari, how I wish that I can lock the screen orientation because whenever I move the iPhone, the screen will change. At least, the people in Apple thought of this. Still, they do not provide a horizontal lock. This will help when I am trying to read e-newspaper, ebooks or documents.

The 5X camera zoom function is just there for the sake of making the iOS 4 sounds like there’s a lot improvement. You can crop the picture by yourself in your computer. Not something that I look for.

That’s all that I have noticed for the time being. If you have noticed any other difference in your iOS 4, do comment below. Thank you!

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