McDonald’s GCB Burger!


Update: Recently, McDonald’s Malaysia decided to reintroduce McDonald’s Great Chicken Burger. The price for ala-carte is RM8.30 and RM11.95 for its McValue Set Meal. (correct me if I am wrong, ok?). Nothing to shout about GCB but the Smoky BBQ French Fries is note-worthy. All of you should give it a try. It’s like taking Mamee but it’s McD’s french fries. 😛

After countless advertisements of McDonald’s Great Chicken Burger, finally I can’t resist it and bought it for dinner with my girlfriend.

Mc Donald's GCB Burger

McDonald’s GCB Burger!

Mc Donald's GCB Burger Box

The box McD’s GCB is quite cute!

Here comes the GCB Burger!

Here comes the GCB Burger!

Goodilicious! Great! Grilled Chicken!

Goodilicious Great Grilled Chicken Burger!

McD GCB Burger! It's gone....

It’s gone……

Personally, the burger’s good but not worth the money. RM8 ala carte. RM11.50 for regular McValue Meal. Come on, I can have a better food at Harvest In at Irrawaddy Road. I think for the sake of novelty, you can try but I just won’t buy it again!

One more thing, the GCB burger is not that big as you see in the advertisement!

McDonald’s has gone overboard. Their foods are getting more expensive. There are many other restaurants that can offer better food and drinks, without you queuing up and have to wait for so long standing. What man… Anyhow, that’s my 2 cents only. Please share your thoughts!

What’s my G for GCB Burger?

It hits my G spot! Haha!



5 Responses

  1. Miss A says:

    It’s quite nice actually, although it’s oily! Can eat once in awhile when u miss it or u can’t think of anything to eat.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for all the comments. Appreciate it. Yeah, McD GCB Burger was quite nice but the price is a bit too steep. I won’t be eating it anymore unless someone buys it for me. Haha…

  3. ivan says:

    yeah ..i agree wit u ..after once i will not buy the burger anymore ..unless someone treat me !!~~

  4. admin says:

    Haha… ever since I have posted about this, I have never eaten Mc Donald’s GCB Burger. Bloddy expensive. I still think that our Ramli burger is way better than McD’s and cheaper also. For burgers, I support our Malaysian made burgers.

  5. Aina93_cientaa says:

    Keluar kan la promosi gcb lg.. sdp lorh…

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