It’s Official! iPhone 4 only S$888 for 16GB & S$1048 for 32GB

Yes! That’s only roughly RM2070/US$656 for iPhone 4 16GB and RM2,444/US$775 for iPhone 4 32GB.

I am speechless…

iPhone 4 White & iPhone 4 Black

Black or White?

Last year September, when I bought iPhone 3GS 32GB for my girlfriend, the price was RM2200 with 1 year RM100 contract. 333 mins free calls and 500 MB of data. And now they are selling RM2,444++ without contract. My god! This is unbelievable. I believe this is the power of competition. Finally, Steve Jobs is feeling the heat. Anyhow, I am very happy.

I was actually considering an iPhone 4 for quite some time already. I am quite worried about the antenna issue. Heard that Apple gave free case for iPhone 4 owners to correct the antenna issue. For Singaporeans, they have until 30th September to get their free case from Apple.

What about you all? Going to Singapore to buy one?  For me, I will be waiting for iPhone 4 to come to Malaysia and see what kind of plan will they come out. Please let me know what you think!

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