Free HP Netbook! HP Mini 210

HP Netbook Box

Looks like a James Bond suitcase!

Finally it’s here already! After 1 month++ of waiting, it’s here!

The free HP Netbook as promised by TM reached our shop at around 12pm. Both my girlfriend and I were so excited. We signed up the Streamyx Cool Uni Package last month. The person-in-charge in TM Point Burmah Road said that it will take 2 weeks for them to cut the existing Streamyx line and 1 week for the contractor to come over and fix the Streamyx and another 14 working days to receive the HP Netbook.

The contractor was very friendly and did his work professionally. My perception about TM is getting better. The Streamyx line is up on 7/Jun/2010. And on 17/Jun/2010, we had received it. Very impressed with the effectiveness of TM appointed suppliers. Here is the picture of me unboxing the HP Mini 210. The model of the netbook is HP 210-1073TU.

HP Mini 210 Unboxing

HP Mini 210! Finally you are here!

HP Mini 210-1073TU Unboxed

HP Mini 210-1073TU Unboxed

HP Mini 210 Out of the Box

HP Mini 210 Out of the Box. You are mine!

HP Mini 210-1073TU

HP Mini 210 Windows 7 Starter Edition

I like this HP QuickWeb. Very quick and complete. Good thinking here from HP.

That’s all for now. More about the Streamyx Cool Uni Pack.

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