Complimentary Tickets from Aeroline Malaysia/Singapore!

Aeroline Bus Complimentary Tckets

After waiting for around 2 weeks, finally I have received a letter from Aeroline.

Yes. I have received 2 complimentary tickets from Aeroline Malaysia. Thanks a lot Areoline. Special thanks to Jessica from Aeroline for her prompt reply and good customer service.

Aeroline Singapore Complimentary Tickets Letter

An apology letter from Aeroline. Bad service for the 1st time is bad, but a good & fast recovery action makes the service better.

Aeroline Singapore-KL Complimentary Tickets

The tickets!!! Yeah!!!

As, I have said the Aeroline is the only company which the most tech-savvy in this industry. After I have post my review of my first trip from PG-KL with Aeroline, a representative from Aeroline emailed me and apologized to me and promised me the tickets. I am impressed by their prompt service. Kudos!

Am I sounding like polishing their shoes? Haha… 🙂

As I always say, I will give credit when it’s due. I will give Aeroline a second try and will review Aeroline again.

My 1st review of Aeroline PG-KL trip:

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  1. meiyi says:

    So nice of Aeroline.
    They should give complimentary tickets to passengers who write good remarks about them too (that’s me) !!

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