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BlogFest Asia 2010 @ Penang 10

Rediscovering Penang with BlogFest Asia 2010!

Recently I had attended BlogFest Asia 2010 held in Penang, Malaysia and I had a to redisvocer Penang. Yes, I used the word rediscover because I am Penangnite and there are many heritage places that I have never visited before.

BlogFest Asia 2010 @ Penang 0

BlogFest Asia 2010 is in Penang!!!

I’ll be attending the upcoming BlogFest Asia 2010 which I just got to know a few days earlier. Lucky I get to register for it.

This is the 2nd cross-border gathering for blogger community in Asia. It’s a festival for all bloggers in Asia. I am so excited to meet all different bloggers from our neighboring communities. It is held in Penang, one of the top tourist destination in South East Asia. The event will be held at Wawasan Open University.

Digi's iPhone 4 0

iPhone 4 is REALLY in Malaysia already!!!

It’s here!

iPhone 4 has reached Malaysia after so many months of speculating, guessing and second guessing about it.

Digi launched the phone earlier and followed by Maxis. I am surveying the packages that Digi and Maxis are dishing out. I read that if you talk a lot, then you should use Maxis’ package and if you are a heavy data user, then you should consider Digi’s package.


11 Things that are a Must to Bring to Redang Island!

What to expect in Pulau Redang or what need to bring to Redang Island, right? That’s what I searched in Google before I went to Redang Island but I found none.

Everybody also hope to make the best of every moments that we spend in our holiday right? So, I will compile a list that I feel is a neccesity to bring before you go to Pulau Redang.