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Nikon D7000 Price in Malaysia!

I have been asking around and most camera shops tell me that Nikon D7000 will be officially launched in Malaysia in late November 2010 or December 2010. Nikon D7000 will come with 18-105mm. Some of them tell me that Nikon D7000 with kit lens 18-105mm price is around RM4600++ and some tells me that it is over RM5000++. I am really confused.

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AirAsia Free Seat is Back! It’s only for Asia countries!

Because of your sleepless nights, trying to book the best deal for your dream vacations.

Free Seats to:
Sri Lanka

Booking Period: 9-14 Nov 2010
Travel from: 1 Jul – 10 Nov 2011

Free seats and promo fares exclude airport taxes and other fees.
AirAsia, the World’s Best Budget Airline! Also the best airline to make a lot of us lose sleep. 🙂

We love freebies right? Thanks to AirAsia smart marketing, we can now enjoy free seats, not free flights, cause we still have to pay for the airport taxes and other fees.

Free Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 Chinese version 0

Free Kaspersky Internet Security 2011!!!

卡巴斯基 赠送高端安全软件 卡巴斯基安全部队2011一年版激活码 免费杀毒软件 免费杀毒软件下载!

Yes, it’s true! Kaspersky is giving Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 for free! Only with one condition, you must know how to read Chinese characters. If you are a banana (Chinese who doesn’t know Chinese/Mandarin), then God bless you and eat less bananas, ya!