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Apple iPad in Malaysia 0

Apple iPad Price in Malaysia & Launching Soon!!!

iPad is here in Malaysia already!

Actually, it’s another 12 hours before the official launching! Anyway, Malaysian can enjoy iPad now although many had purchased the iPad overseas. Why is it that everything is always last in Malaysia? Maybe should write an email for Steve Jobs? 🙂
And the most important thing. The price of iPad in Malaysia!

Langkawi Island Tour - Langkawi Cable Car 1 2

Review: Pulau Langkawi One Day Trip by Langkawi Nature Discovery Part II: Langkawi Cable Car

Now the adventure of Langkawi Island starts!!!

After the hearty lunch, we are brought to the main tourist attraction of Langkawi Island:


This has been the place that I wanted to visit ever since my first visit to Langkawi Island. I have been seeing pictures of Langkawi Cable Car and the sceneries in Facebook and the pictures are so marvellous. I really can’t wait to see it myself.

Pulau Langkawi Nature Discovery 1-day Trip Review 0

Review: Pulau Langkawi One Day Trip by Langkawi Nature Discovery Part I

I have been invited to review the Langkawi Nature Discovery trip. It’s a 1-day tour in Pulau Langkawi. Yeah!!! Pulau Langkawi. The name means an island of reddish brown eagles. Pulau is island in Malay. Lang, a short form of Helang means eagle. Kawi means reddish brown. Hence, the name Pulau Langkawi.

We met at Swettenham Pier at 7:30am before boarding the ferry to Langkawi. The ferry starts at 8:15am sharp. The organiser is so nice to give us VIP seats.

Dinner buffet desserts review @ Palms Restaurant, Hydro Hotel Penang 5 2

Review: Hydro Hotel Batu Ferringhi, Penang Part IV: Dinner Buffet (Desserts & Conclusion)

So, overall, Hydro Hotel dinner buffet is a must try if you like hotel buffets. There are many variety of foods and many kinds of desserts. There are roughly around 80 kinds of food. I really liked the BBQ section and also the desserts section.

Palms Restaurant @ Hydro Hotel Penang, Malaysia
Miami Beach, Batu Ferringhi 11100 Penang, Malaysia.
Tel No: +604-8905999 ext 170
GPS: 5° 28′ 41.64″ N, 100° 16′ 4.62″ E