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Asus PadFone Picture Malaysia 5

Asus PadFone: A hybrid of Smartphone and Tablet, is slated to launch this Christmas 2011!!!

Finally something very innovative is going to happen in the smartphone and tablet market and it’s not from Apple. 😛 This is going to change the game and create a new rules!
Introducing Asus PadFone. A smartphone inside your tablet. How cool is that?

Earlier, Asus teased us with their ‘Pad or Phone’ photo in their Facebook Fanpage after their launch of Asus Eed Pad Trasnformer.

Maxis HTC Flyer Ultimate Solid Plan 2

HTC Flyer at RM195 with Maxis Ultimate Solid Plan!

After much delay, Maxis has finally unveiled its RM199 RM195 HTC Flyer.As what most consumers are guessing, there’s something fishy behind such a tempting offer. Indeed, you need to subscribe to Maxis Ultimate Solid Plan for 2 years to get this RM195 HTC Flyer. And the Ultimate Solid Plan is not cheap. It’s RM152 a month (after RM95 rebate monthly for 24 months).

Cameron Highlands Trip 2010 (13) 2

Contest: My Experience with SONY Cyber Shot!

RM1799. That’s the price that I have paid for my 1st point and shoot(P&S) camera. And guess what is the brand of the camera?

SONYlah (a Malay language suffix to emphasize the word) since my blog post title is so obvious.

I bought Sony Cyber-Shot DSC N2. At that time, it was one of the first few P&S cameras to have 10.1 mega-pixels and touch screen. It felt ‘cool’ to use the camera last time. Now, any brands of P&S cameras will have at least 8 mega-pixels and some will have touch screens at prices below RM500. 🙁


A world of glasses and touchscreens in the future?

The Future with Touchscreens by Corningware.

Let’s enjoy a video of the future that is not so distant.
Impressed? I am speechless. I really hope that these kind of technologies will become reality during my lifetime.

Touchscreen has become the norm and no longer a technology that some geniuses or geeks get to enjoy.