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‘iPad HD’ to launch together with iPhone 4S/iPhone 5?

Rumors has been flying around the blogosphere that Apple might launch ‘iPad HD’, a term coined by This is my next blog during this fall together with iPhone 4S/iPhone 5 and also Pro-level apps.

It is believed that Apple will launch ‘iPad HD’ with 2048 X 1536 Retina Display to target those professionals in the photography or videography industries. It is also said that Apple will debut iPad-version at least one of its pro-level apps such as Final Cut Pro or Aperture together with the ‘iPad HD’.


New iPhone 4 Ads: AirPlay & FaceTime!

Recently, Apple released two commercial for its iPhone 4 featuring two of iPhone 4’s features: AirPlay and FaceTime.
It’s an extension of its March 2011 campaign, ‘If you don’t have an iPhone’ but this time the ads end with ‘just one more thing that makes an iPhone an iPhone.’

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Download LBE Privacy Guard for Android to Protect Your Privacy!

LBE Privacy Guard 2.1 picture

Android fans, download LBE Privacy Guard app for your Android smartphone and tablets.

Just found out that Cut the Rope game from GetJar is taking a lot of information from users. Not every free thing is really good. Time to install something just to check whether the free apps that you have downloaded is safe and trustworthy. Try LBE Privacy Guard App.

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Download AppShopper for iPad/iPad 2/iPhone/iPod Touch!!!

Looking for FREE apps from AppStore but don’t like to scroll one page by one page?

Want to know which apps prices have been dropped?

Want to know which paid apps have become FREE for a limited of time?

Download AppShopper app for iPad/iPhone. Because of this app, my number of apps in my iPad 2 increased a lot. 🙂

iPhone 5 rumored launch date 1

September 7 2011, iPhone 5 rumored launch date!

Anther rumor about iPhone 5 has started. This time it comes with a credible document that hints that iPhone 5 launch will be on September 7 2011 (Wednesday)

Based on the photo given by tipster iVince7, Mac OS X Lion will be available on July 14th 2011. This coincides with MacBook Air rumors. It has been rumored that MacBook Air refresh will be coming out somewhere mid July 2011.