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Apple Lightning 8 Pin to 30 Pin Adapter 0

iPhone 5 Video Introduction is Out & iPhone 5 Lightning Connector Adapters Prices Revealed!

Before we start to talk about Lightning connector and its adapters, let’s enjoy a beautiful and elegant video of iPhone 5 introduction.
After knowing the price of the iPhone 5 Lightning connector adapters, some fans and those who are considering iPhone 5 might run away lightning fast. No wonder they don’t announce it on the stage because the prices charged are quite on the high end.

iPhone 5 Official Photo From Apple Event @ Engadget 4

Here Are the Highlights of Apple iPhone 5 Event!!!

Finally, the cat is out of the bag!

It’s officially called iPhone 5. Frankly speaking the whole keynote thing is a bit boring up to 1:30am Malaysia timezone.

Here are the highlights of Apple iPhone 5 event and the writings in italics are my opinions:


iPhone 5 Keynote Leaked Out & Summary of iPhone 5 Rumors!!!

The iPhone 5 fever has reached new height! There is a leaked iPhone 5 keynote that was supposedly prepared for this upcoming September event for Apple iPhone 5 launching and also iOS 6 debut circulating the Internet.

You can watch the leaked iPhone 5 keynote here.