Update: Official Malaysia Price for all iPad Models!!!

Latest update on iPad prices from Switch, one of the leading authorised reseller of Apple products.

Switch - iPad prices

Switch iPad displays

It seems that there will be quite a number of pandas tomorrow as many will be queuing up for iPad.

It’s official now.

The official price of all iPad models

iPad 16G WiFi               RM1549
iPad 32G WiFi               RM1849
iPad 64G WiFi               RM2149
iPad 16G WiFi + 3G     RM1999
iPad 32G WiFi + 3G     RM2299
iPad 64G WiFi + 3G     RM2599

Let’s do the comparison on Singapore’s iPad price for all models.

Singapore’s Price for all iPad Models

iPad 16 GB WiFi            RM1740++ (S$728)
iPad 32 GB WiFi            RM2094++ (S$878)
iPad 64 GB WiFi            RM2452++ (S$1028)
iPad 16 GB WiFi + 3G  RM2213++ (S$928)
iPad 32 GB WiFi + 3G  RM2571++ (S$1078)

It seems that we, Malaysian has the last laugh! Haha :-). From the entry level iPad models, our Malaysian price for iPads are cheaper by RM200++, compared to Singapore’s price. iPad 16GB WiFi + 3G and above, the difference is around RM50++.

Maxis Data Plans for iPad is also official. You can visit their website for more information.

Maxis Prepaid Data Plans for iPad

Maxis Postpaid Data Plans for iPad

Maxis Postpaid Data Plans for iPad.

RM1500++ sounds very tempting. Anyone of you going to buy iPad tomorrow? Please let me know how is it, ya?

What’s your say?

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