Toilet Hygiene: Do You Wash Your Wash Before Going to Toilet?

Just a personal observation.

Do You Wash Your Hand Before Passing Urine or Motion?

Something that I noticed after going to public toilet for at least 10 years. Not many people wash their hands before using the toilet. But I did notice that many people washed their hands after using the toilet. So, our private part is dirtier than the things that we touch? Imagine all the bacterias that we touched before touching that ‘area’?

So, if you are those who wash your hands after using the toilet,I advise you to wash your hand before going to toilet for proper hygiene. And for those who don’t even bother to wash their hands after using the toilet, you can just ignore me! Haha =)

Proper way to wash our hands.

Hand Wash Guideline

Wash hands

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