TM Streamyx Cool Uni Pack

My girlfriend saw this promotion at her univerisity. There were some TM staffs promoting this package. Many of her coursemates took up the promotion and she was there wondering what happened. Googled about it and found out that the promotion was damn worth it. Even more worth it when TM slashed the subscription fees again.

You can try to check whether TM will do a roadshow at your university, so that you can save your time and effort.

Or else, you can get the form from your nearest TM Point. After getting the form, remember to get it back to your university to get their official stamp and prepare photostate copy of your MyKad and your student card and original copy for verification purposes.

And you are set for TM Streamyx Cool Uni Pack promotion.

I have taken down the information about TM Streamyx Cool Uni Pack from the official website of TM just for your convenience.

By the way, the free HP netbook model is HP Mini 210-1073TU.

TM Streamyx Cool Uni Pack Poster

TM Streamyx Cool Uni Pack

TM Streamy Cool Uni Pack Hypptunes

FAQ About TM Streamyx Cool Uni Pack

1. What is Streamyx Cool Uni Pack™? Apakah itu Streamyx Cool Uni Pack™?
Streamyx Cool Uni Pack™ provides Netbook with FREE Streamyx Broadband, FREE WiFi modem,  Netbook delivery, songs download @ Hypptunes and also Streamyx Zone ID with 0 entry cost!
Streamyx Cool Uni Pack™ menawarkan Notebook dengan PERCUMA Broadband Streamyx. PERCUMA Modem WiFi, penghantaran Netbook, muat turun muzik @ Hypptunes dan juga Streamyx Zone ID tanpa kos permulaan.

2. Who is eligible to subscribe to Streamyx Cool Uni Pack™? Siapakah yang layak melanggan Streamyx Cool Uni Pack™?
The package is only eligible to 1st or 2nd year IPTA/IPTS students with endorsement from the respective universities and with monthly household income must be RM 5,000 or less. Open for MALAYSIAN students who currently pursuing DIPLOMA or DEGREE only.
Pakej ini hanyalah untuk pelajar IPTA/IPTS tahun pertama dan kedua dengan pengesahan daripada universiti berkenaan dan pendapatan bulanan isi rumah hendaklah sama dengan atau kurang daripada RM 5,000. Hanya untuk pelajar warganegara MALAYSIA yang sedang mengikuti pengajian DIPLOMA atau IJAZAH SARJANA MUDA sahaja.

3. What is the basic requirement for me to subscribe the package? Apakah syarat asas yang diperlukan untuk saya melanggan pakej ini?
You must have a TM Homeline or TM Home Prepaid before subscribing to this package.
Anda mestilah mempunyai TM Homeline atau TM Home Prepaid sebelum melanggan pakej ini.

4. Can I apply for this package if the TM Homeline is not under my name? Bolehkah saya memohon pakej ini sekiranya TM Homeline tersebut bukan dibawah nama saya?
Yes, you may to apply for this package. However, the owner of the TM Homeline has to give authorisation for you to use the line for the Streamyx installation.
Ya, anda boleh memohon pakej ini. Walau bagaimanapun, pemilik TM Homeline tersebut perlu mengesahkan bahawa anda boleh menggunakan talian tersebut untuk memasang Streamyx.

5. Is there any special offers on new TM Homeline application with this package? Adakah terdapat tawaran istimewa bagi permohonan baru TM Homeline untuk pakej ini?
Yes, you can enjoy the FREE installation fee worth RM50. A deposit of RM75 will be chargeable in your bill. You will also need to pay for the internal wiring during the installation of TM Homeline which will be paid by the student direct to the installer.
Ya, anda boleh menikmati yuran pemasangan RM50 PERCUMA. Deposit sebanyak RM75 akan dikenakan dalam bil dan caj bagi wayar dalaman semasa pemasangan TM Homeline akan dibayar terus kepada kontraktor pemasangan.

6. How do I subscribe to this package? Bagaimanakah saya boleh melanggan pakej ini?
To subcribe, you just need to visit any TMpoint or TM Consumer Sales.
Anda boleh melanggan di mana-mana TMpoint atau TM Consumer Sales.

7. How long is the delivery period for this package? Berapa lamakah tempoh untuk menikmati pakej ini?
For TM Homeline that is already activated, it will take approximately 7 days to install & activate Streamyx. Upon successful activation of Streamyx, the Netbook will be delivered to you within 14 working days.
Bagi TM Homeline yang sudah diaktifkan, ia akan mengambil masa 7 hari untuk memasang dan mengaktifkan Streamyx. Apabila Streamyx berjaya diaktifkan, Netbook tersebut akan dihantar kepada pelanggan dalam masa 14 hari bekerja.

8. Will I be entitled for any discount on the package since the Netbook is only delivered within 14 working days after activation of Streamyx? Adakah saya layak untuk sebarang diskaun kerana Netbook tersebut hanya akan dihantar dalam masa 14 hari bekerja selepas Streamyx diaktifkan?
You will get 50% discount on the 1st month subscription fee.
Anda akan mendapat diskaun 50% atas yuran langganan pada bulan pertama.

9. Can the Netbook be delivered to a different place? Bolehkah Netbook tersebut dihantar ke tempat lain?
For security reasons, the Netbook will only be delivered to the Streamyx installation address. If customer is not contactable for Netbook delivery within 1 month after Streamyx installation, then TM has the right to terminate the Streamyx service or change to other Streamyx package.
Atas sebab-sebab keselamatan, Netbook tersebut hanya akan dihantar ke alamat pemasang Streamyx. Sekiranya pelanggan tidak dapat dihubungi untuk penghantaran Netbook dalam masa 1 bulam selepas pemasangan Streamyx, TM mempunyai hak untuk membatalkan perkhidmatan Streamyx atau menukar kepada pakej Streamyx lain.

10. How will I be charged for this package? Bagaimanakan saya akan dicaj bagi pakej ini?
The monthly subscription fee of this package will be charged to you via ‘Bil Telefon & Multimedia’ issued by TM.
Yuran langganan bulanan bagi pakej ini akan dicaj melalui ‘Bil Telefon & Multimedia’ yang dikeluarkan oleh TM.

11. Is there any minimum contract period applicable for this package? Adakah terdapat tempoh kontrak minimum bagi pakej ini?
The minimum subscription period of 2 years upon successful activation of Streamyx is applicable for this package. For any premature termination, an administrative fee of RM600 will be chargeable.
Tempoh langganan minimum untuk pakej ini adalah 2 tahun selepas Streamyx berjaya diaktifkan. Perkhidmatan broadband akan diperbaharui secara automatik dan harga langganan pakej ini akan dicaj selepas tempoh 24 bulan. Sekiranya pemotongan dilakukan sebelum tarikh tamat kontrak, pelanggan akan dikenakan yuran pentadbiran sebanyak RM600.

12. What happen if the ADSL port is not available for the TM Homeline number? Apakah yang akan berlaku sekiranya port ADSL tiada untuk nombor TM Homeline?
For any unsuccessful application of this package, you are allowed to nominate another TM Homeline or TM Home Prepaid line by filling up new application form.
Bagi pemohonan pakej yang tidak berjaya, anda boleh memilih talian TM Homeline atau TM Home  Prepaid yang lain dengan mengisi borang pemohonan yang baru.

13. Who will get the FREE Streamyx Zone ID in this package? Siapakah yang akan dapat Streamyx Zone ID PERCUMA dalam pakej ini?
The student who has successfully subscribed to this package will be given a FREE Streamyx Zone ID which can be used at all Streamyx Zone locations.
Pelajar yang berjaya melanggan pakej ini akan diberikan Streamyx Zone ID PERCUMA yang boleh digunakan di mana-mana lokasi Streamyx Zone.

14. What happens if the Netbook is stolen or missing within the warranty period? Apakah yang berlaku sekiranya Netbook tersebut dicuri atau hilang semasa tempoh jaminan?
The Netbook will not be replaced as the warranty only covers the maintenance of the Netbook. However, you will still be charged the monthly subscription fees.
Netbook tersebut tidak akan diganti kerana jaminan hanya meliputi penyelenggaraan Netbook. Pada masa yang sama, pelajar akan terus dikenakan caj yuran langganan bulanan.

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