Star Cruise Pisces 1 Night Trip

I have never been to any cruise before in my whole life.

Swettenham Pier Penang

This is where we board the Star Cruise Pisces

Star Cruise Pisces in Penang!

Star Cruise Pisces in Penang!

Star Cruise Pisces side view

Star Cruise Pisces side view

15th APRIL 2010 was a very memorable day in my life.

I boarded Star Cruise PISCES for one night trip. I went there with my girlfriend and my mum. I am so excited. Imagine in my whole 25 years++, I have never stepped into a ship. The total cost for three of us for Inside Stateroom only cost us RM90. We only have to pay for the Passenger Handling Charges which is RM30 per person. Why? Because I used my mum’s Genting Points to redeem a room and paid for our charges. The whole trip used up 75 Genting Points points. I heard that there are many kinds of promotions for Genting cardholders. Any ideas?

A View of Star Cruise Pisces from Swettenham Port

A view of Star Cruise Pisces from Swettenham Port Penang

The Policeman 'Pai Seh'

The police was very shy! Haha =)

Boarding Star Cruise Pisces Penang

Star Cruise Pisces. Here I come!

First impression of Star Cruise PISCES is that the cruise was a very classy cruise, in its olden days. Now,  the design and outlook were a bit outdated and needed refurbishing but overall it still exudes the classy feel.

Buffet area of Star Cruise Pisces

All the gamble ghosts! ‘Kiao kui’s

The food was a disappointment. I was expecting a hotel standard buffet where there are many kinds of foods, appetisers and desserts. What do we get? Buffet ala economy rice standard.  I had The overall food standard was so-so only. By the way, the fish is quite nice.

Waiting for makan at Star Cruise Pisces buffet

Makan also have to queue up??? But the food is so so only!

Just a simple meal! Like economy rice

A simple meal! It’s like economy rice!@!@! LOL!

Dinner Buffet @ Star Cruise Pisces

Overall, the food is just nice! Sorry for spoiling your mood for those who still haven’t go there before

Star Cruise Pisces 1 night Itinerary

Star Cruise Pisces 1 Night Itinerary in Mandarin

Star Cruise 1 Night Itinerary English Version

Star Cruise Pisces 1 Night Itinerary in English. The casino starts at around 930pm, if I am not mistaken

Later, we went over to the disco to watch salsa dance class. The instructor is kinda cute. A few ‘mommies’ was invited to learn the dance together. It was kinda of cute to watch them dance. By the way, they were dancing cha-cha because all the ‘mommies’ were requesting it.

A cute teacher teaching the 'mommies' cha-cha

A cute teacher teaching the ‘mommies’ cha-cha

After that, came the main event of the day, “JACKPOT BINGO”.  While the emcees were busy explaining the rules, my girlfriend and I was thinking of whether to play this game or not. I was reluctant but finally I went over to the counter to buy. 1 ticket is RM5. 3 tickets is RM12. I bought 1 ticket only even though salesgirl insisted on 3 tickets, saying that they do not process 1 ticket sale and they are having promotion now. What kind of service is this? After selling me the ticket, she didn’t even bother to explain to me what to do or pass me the toothpick for me to mark the numbers.

Never mind about it. Now about the JACKPOT BINGO. The rules are very simple. There are 15 numbers in your ticket. Once if all your 15 numbers matches the numbers that the emcees draw, then you shout ‘BINGO’ and you will win the jackpot of RM18,888. You need to complete your 15 numbers within 40 draws. After that, they will still continue to draw until a person BINGOs but you will only win the consolation prize. I have forgotten how to calculate the consolation prize but it’s around RM200-RM300 only, depending on the number of tickets sold that night. It’s really a very exciting game and it’s very thrilling as you are nearing to complete the 15 numbers and you are competing with others who are also very near to BINGO. A must try!

Listening to the numbers of Jackpot Bingo

Listening to the numbers of Jackpot Bingo! Aiyoyo! Very focuslo

Checking... Checking... Is it BINGO?

Checking… Checking… Is it BINGO?

Another reason why I say that the trip is very memorable is because on that night, I hit the BINGO JACKPOT! Haha =) But not RM18,888(la) only RM144.20. Caught ya! Yup, I managed to finish my 15 numbers with 70++ draws. Actually I was very lucky because there was an auntie who had actually BINGO-ed earlier but she didn’t notice. Then I shouted BINGO earlier than her. So, both of us were given a choice to either compete again by drawing a number. Whose number the highest wins or we can split the winning. The jackpot is RM288.40. So I won RM144.20. So the whole trip for all of us is FREE! What a special moment!

BINGO-ed! At the stage!

BINGO-ed! At the stage!

Should we share the Jackpot $$$ or play again?

Should we share the Jackpot $$$ or play again?

Finally, we share! Two lucky Jackpot Bingo winners! Congratulations!

Finally, we share! Two lucky Jackpot Bingo winners! Congratulations!

The Jackpot Bingo winning ticket!

The Jackpot Bingo winning ticket!

Sunrise at Star Cruise Pisces deck

Sunrise at Star Cruise Pisces deck

The 'eggyolk' is coming out!

The ‘eggyolk’ is coming out!

Finally out! Very beautiful!

Finally out! Very beautiful!

Breakfast at Star Cruise Pisces Buffet!

Breakfast at Star Cruise Pisces Buffet!

Overall,my 1st Star Cruise is very memorable. I am so happy. All of you should try it. Star Cruise Pisces will still be in Penang until June 2010.

13 Responses

  1. chud says:

    I also want to try this starcruise since last month but im having a second thought about their room. Would you mind to send me some picture of this STANDARD INSIDE STATEROOM. They said it can fit for 4person but what i saw in the picture in their website it is small.
    Hope you can send me some pictures for my reference.thanks

  2. admin says:

    Hi Chud,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and happy to see you comment here.
    I am really sorry that I didn’t take the picture of our room. I think my room was Standard Inside Stateroom when I went there last time because the room can fit four persons but it’s quite cramped. Inside the room, they have 2 double-deckers beds. I climbed up to the bed and tried it and it’s quite strong.
    You should give it a try cos as far as I know, the Pisces Star Cruise will not stay long in Penang.

  3. Boon says:

    Hi, I was wondering what other entertainment do they have on the star cruise? because I am planning to invite my friend for vacation there….. got young ppl o not? LoL

  4. admin says:

    Hi, sorry for late reply. I was busy with my new shop decoration and renovation. The entertainment list is found on the picture that I took and descibed as Star Cruise Pisces Itinerary, pls check. There are many aunties and uncles there because of the casino there. But there are youngsters there, mostly with their families. The Jackpot Bingo game is a must play. Enjoyed it a lot.

  5. jiasheng says:

    dear John,

    may i know how did u redeem your genting points for the cruise?
    is there any website to redeem?


  6. admin says:

    sorry for late reply, I was very busy with my new shop. It was quite a while already. I can’t really recall very well. I remembered that I called to Genting and do my points redemption there. You can try to check Genting’s website, Will let you know if there’s any new information about it.

  7. Yong says:

    How to find out more details on the Genting 75 points redemption? Wanna arrange trip with family.


  8. johnkhor says:

    Hi, you must call to this number to redeem the points. 03-23021388. This number is for Genting card members. If you are not Genting card members but still want to book the tickets to Star Pisces, call this no 03-23021288. Hopefully this can help you. Anything else, you can PM me or leave a comment. Hope you have pleasant trip with your family. Cheers.

  9. shantheni says:

    can i know how much is the price?

  10. johnkhor says:

    Hi, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.
    I can’t really recalled the price of the ticket but it should be around RM90 ~ RM120. We used the Genting Points to redeem the tickets, so can’t be sure of the price. Anyhow, Star Cruise Pisces is no longer here in Penang as I have been told. This is a raw information. I haven’t really counter check but that’s all I have heard.

  11. kuching girl says:

    hey, i’m thinking of going for the cruise trip in coming august in penang. i was wondering where and who should i contact to get the arrangements done? appreciate the information that you can provide to me. thanks.

  12. peici_ng says:


  13. johnkhor says:

    Hi, thank you for visiting my blog.

    I don’t know how to type and read Mandarin. I have Googled translated your comment. Just give it a try if you have never tried before cruise trip. Currently, Pisces trip is no longer available in Penang. I think there is only Libra and Capricorn, if I am not mistaken. Hope this helps. You can Google translate my reply. 🙂

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