Security Issues: Change your passwords frequently & don’t use the same password for everthing

This post is for those who are new to Internet and all the usernames and passwords that they need to create while surfing the Net.

The top 3 most commonly used passwords in America are


Can you imagine that? Haha, who would use these passwords, maybe the newbies.

1 in 5 people use the word ‘password’ as their password for online banking.

This is inviting hackers to their bank accounts. Crazy right? It’s happening.

Hackers don’t target banks online but attack online forums and stores that hold your passwords WHY? Because most people use the same passwords for EVERYTHING.

Haha. I know some of my friends who do that. Now you know it, please change your passwords accordingly. We are our own worst enemy.

Hackers can crack an 8-character password in all lowercase within 2 hours.

Now that’s scary. I heard that they can track your password by your keyboard. They can trace which alphabet you typed to crack your password. Don’t worry, there’s a good news. Read on.

Adding one uppercase or a symbol will make the hackers take 200 years.

Isn’t it good. The hacker’s grandson will be able to crack your password if you do just that. Just joking. They will be able to do it but just that this method will make it harder. So, quickly add uppercase and symbols to your passwords, kiasus… Haha. This is actually not kiasula, precautions, right?

Exp: ‘password’ –> ‘passSword&’

That’s whay I learn from Bobby, a great speaker from Phillipines who talks about Internet security during the BlogFest Asia 2010. Good for a password-security and Internet security dummies like me.

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