[RUMOR] Samsung Galaxy Note III Prototype Revealed!!!

Samsung Galaxy Note III Leaked Prototype (3)

Samsung Galaxy Note III prototype is finally leaked out!!! And 6-inch Galaxy Note 3 rumor is getting more real.

Samsung Galaxy Note III Leaked Prototype (1)Samsung Galaxy Note III Leaked Prototype (2)

Thanks to SamMobile, we can have an idea of what the next generation of Samsung Galaxy Note. Samsung is introducing a new reference design strategy for its Galaxy phones. The rumored prototype of Samsung Galaxy Note III (SGN3) has slightly rounded edge. And as expected, the bezel is very thin and shows the awesome 5.99-inch Full HD display, a new trend in Galaxy series.

Let’s do a recap of Galaxy Note 3 rumored specs:

  1. 5.99″ sAMOLED display.
  2. 13 megapixel camera.
  3. Octa-core or SnapDragon 800 processor.
  4. S Pen functions.
  5. Android 4.2.2 or 4.3.
  6. Samsung’s own Touch-Wiz Nature UX.

This is just a rumor and it could be another device’s leaked photos. IFA 2013 will reveal the answer soon. We will just have to wait. 🙂

My own opinion as owner of Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The phone size is really getting bigger and bigger. Does bigger means better appeal? I am not so sure. For me, last time 5.2-inch is definitely unacceptable for me. Now, it is acceptable for me because I love bigger screen for my media consumption but I do find it hard to hold and for one hand operation. Imagine now, a 6-inch phone. I am not sure if I can accept it or not. Have to wait until I hold it, then only I can comment.

What’s your say?

SOURCE: SamMobile

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