My Mozilla Firefox cannot open new tab!!!

It started yesterday.

I tried to click the ‘+’ sign beside the tab but it didn’t work. Then, I tried to open new tab under the File menu. Still, it didn’t work. I thought maybe it has to do with the recent Windows update or maybe my computer needs a restart to work. So, I continued browsing while opening a lot of Firefox web browsers.

Mozilla Firefox Web Browser

Today, after restarting my computer, same thing happened. I cannot open more than one tab for my Firefox. So, I googled this problem and finally found the solution.

The solution is very simple. Uninstall your Ask toolbar and everything will be OK.

How to uninstall Ask Toolbar? Point your mouse to the command menu and press right click and you will see this menu. Click on the Ask toolbar and go the right end of the Ask toolbar and click on the ‘Options’. After that, click on the uninstall button. Remember to close all your Firefox browsers after you click uninstall to complete the uninstall. Good luck.

Uninstall Ask Toolbar

You can’t see the Ask Toolbar as I have already uninstall it. Just activate it and go the right end corner of the toolbar and click on the ‘Options’ and click ‘Uninstall’.

What’s your say?

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  1. Steve h says:

    This fix worked for me! Thanks so much. 3/11/2011

  2. johnkhor says:

    Thanks. Just sharing the solution to the problems that troubles me.

  3. puiyee says:

    solved my problem, thank you so much!
    the Ask toolbar is annoying, i unchecked the box not to install it, but it’s still installed in my pc, zzzz

  4. johnkhor says:

    Glad to hear that this solved your problem. 🙂 That’s what big companies usually do to increase their market capitalization. 🙁

  5. Ђенерал says:

    Now it works- after uninstall ask toolbar! Thank you for advice.

  6. pammy says:

    Thank you, it worked for me too, but I found mine on my add ons and uninstalled it from there. It was getting annoying not being able to use my tabs.

  7. johnkhor says:

    No problem. Glad to be able to help you!

  8. johnkhor says:

    Yeah. Thanks for sharing new info. Yeah, we can’t live without tabs now with the invention of broadband.

  9. Borshon says:

    Thanks for your help. For you, i fixed this problem very quickly. hope you continue you good jobs

  10. Gwynhafra says:

    I initially thought it was due to updating Firefox, but I didn’t think the solution was actually this simple. Thanks for mentioning it.

  11. johnkhor says:

    @borshon: Thanks for the compliment. This kind of comment really makes my day. Thanks. Glad that I can be of help.

  12. johnkhor says:

    @gwynhafra: thanks for commenting. Glad to be able to help you. 🙂

  13. Thanks! I’ve uninstalled the ask toolbar. I couldn’t find the “option” menu on the toolbar though, so I just went to control panel and uninstall it directly. Thanks, I was thinking to looking for Firefox update or something. This ask toolbar is so irritating.

  14. johnkhor says:

    Glad that I can help!!! Thanks!

  15. Cqty287 says:


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