Lunch at A&W, SS2

Just had my lunch together with my girlfriend and our HQ eChiro BO Manager at A&W, SS2.

A&W Root Beer with ice cream

It recalled my childhood memories when I had my first taste of root beer. I thought how can children drink beer? Isn’t it wrong? Haha After had my 1st taste of A&W rootbeer, I understood already. The taste is so refreshing and nice. It’s different than Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola. That’s why A&W rootbeer always have a special place in my heart. Somemore the iconic bear in every outlet of A&W So cute.

After that, during my teenage years until my 20s, I’ve never seen A&W outlets anymore. Now, A&W is back. I think another person revive the A&W franchise and injected a fresh look and a younger and modern feel. Very orange.

I ordered A&W Double Mozza Burger set with Large size rootbeer. To satisfy my childhood need.

A&W Root Beer with Vanilla Ice Cream

I found out that the burger packing was very user friendly. You just have to tear the packing and you eat without dirtying your hands. Impressive. Can I use ‘I’m lovin’ it’? Haha.

A&W Thoughtful Packaging

Very thoughtful packaging. Easy and practical.

A&W very convenient packaging

See… So easy and the fillings in the burger will not fall out and stain me.

Overall, the food is quite nice and their signature A&W rootbeer still makes a lasting impression on me.

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