iPad 2 is FINALLY OUT!

iPad 2 is finally launched yesterday in Apple Media Events with Steve Jobs doing the unveiling. So, the rumor is true!

Many of the rumors are true for iPad 2. Let’s check the specs for iPad 2:

– 9.7-Inch Display
– 1024 X 768 resolution
– A5 Dual Core 1GHz CPU
– Front Camera (VGA Quality only :-()
– Rear Camera (Not specified)
– Gyroscope 3 Axis
– HDMI Output
– Available from March 11 onwards (U.S only) and March 25 (International markets)

Well, there is indeed no retina display for iPad 2. 🙁 The 1024 X 768 resolution for iPad 2 is the same as the first iPad. How to really excite people to rush to buy iPad 2 with such a resolution. With A5 dual core 1GHz CPU, Apple claims that we will have up to 2X faster CPU, up to 9X faster graphics but still maintain the same battery life (+- 10 hours) but there’s no mention of iPad 2 RAM (1st generation iPad has 256MB RAM). And iPad 2 will ship with the latest iOS 4.3.

And iPad 2 comes in white & black. That’s so cool. Another rumor is true. And the price of iPad 2 is still the same as last time with US$499 for iPad 2 WiFi 16GB model.

When will iPad 2 comes to Malaysia and how much will iPad 2 cost in Malaysia.

What’s your say? Will you buy the new iPad 2?


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