iPad 2, iPad 2, when are you coming to Malaysia?

I have been dreaming of iPad 2 ever since iPad has been launched in Malaysia.

I was thinking of buying iPad as a Christmas gift and birthday gift (my birthday falls in December) for myself. After checking the Internet, I realized that iPad 2 is coming in a few months time. So, I told myself to wait until iPad 2. Delayed gratification. That’s how I convince myself but it’s not easy. It’s easier said than done.

I have been thinking of how my productivity will improve when I have iPad (you said that before when you first got your netbook,  but what happened? Finding excuses to indulge in toys again?) and also thousands of reasons to buy iPad now. Then, came the logical brain saying that I will certainly regret when iPad 2 comes out. iPad certainly will become cheaper and will have no reseller value. Haihzzz Left brain VS Right brain.

What to do? Who wins? Certainly, left brainla…

So, I have been googling on, “when will iPad 2 comes out” or “when will iPad 2 be released” for the past 2 months.

The news is getting better as we are getting towards Q1 of 2011.

This is the latest news from Macrumors.com.

A Japanese blog which writes about Apple, macotakara.jp claims that iPad 2 will be released in US in March 2011. Launching date for worldwide market is still unknown (Aargh!!! Hopefully iPad 2 will not take 8 months later to be released in Malaysia!).

The blog also claimed that a special short media event will be conducted by Apple to launch iPad 2.

That is the latest news that I got from the Internet regarding about the release of iPad 2. How accurate will the information, that I don’t know but I am praying for the best.

There has been many speculations or rumors about iPad 2 including TV commercials for iPad 2 and also a prototype of iPad 2 been seen during the launch of iPad’s ‘The Daily’. One thing that is sure is that iPad 2 will have a front camera and a back camera. It’s rumored that the back camera will have the same camera like iPod Touch. 1 mega-pixel. That’s really bad. Why does Steve Jobs love to tease us? Giving us such a great technology (tablet PC) and then torture us with some lousy technology (1 mega-pixel back camera). Couldn’t he do better? Well, let’s wait and see.

I really hope that iPad 2 will come soon to Malaysia!


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