Great Eastern, Hong Leong Assurance, ING, Prudential or AlA?

Great Eastern Insurance Company

Great Eastern

Hong Leong Assurance

Hong Leong Assurance

ING Insurance

ING Insurance

Prudential Insurance

Prudential Insurance

AIA Insurance

AIA Insurance

Yes, I have been considering which insurance company tojoin. I heard about the insurance industry but didn’t really get to know more about it because I had a bad perception about insurance agents and the industry too. But after a chance to understand it more through my friend, I found out that the insurance industry is able to provide me a substantial amount of passive income and the chance to assist help in financial planning.

Since I get to meet a lot of people everyday, I am thinking to get some benefit from my networking. Everyone needs insurance coverage and investment plans too, right? Do you?

From my previous experience, the insurance agents are the last persons that I wish to make friends with because they are pushers. They do hard sales and everything they do, it seems that they do it because of their commission and not because my needs. Over time, the insurance industry has matured and more of them are becoming more professional and they are selling based by customers’ needs and not because of their commission only. That’s why I am interested in it.

I am still doing my research and once I have decided, I will let you know!

P/S: If you or your friends are interested in getting an insurance product or investment product, do leave a comment, and I will get you ASAP!


5 Responses

  1. guest says:

    Did u ever come to a decision on this??

  2. johnkhor says:

    Yup, I joined Great Eastern. 🙂

  3. Guest says:

    Any updates on your decision?

  4. johnkhor says:

    I have answered your question in my last comment. I joined Great Eastern. 🙂

  5. Thomas Prudential says:

    can we meet up to let you know more detail my phone no is 012-5331400
    -Prudential Thomas

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