BlogFest Asia 2010 @ Penang SUCKS!!!

Blogfest Asia 2010 @ Penang Wawasan Open University

BlogFest Asia 2010 @ Wawasan Open University, Penang.

That’s what I felt before actually attending the event.

Why I felt that way?

I got to know about BlogFest Asia 2010 while I was surfing the Internet. The thing that attracted me the most was the event was held in Penang at Wawasan Open University. As I had never attended any bloggers event, I quickly registered.

Shortly after that, I received an email from the organiser, informing me that The Ministry of Tourism Malaysia sponsored a Penang Heritage Tour on the 1st day of BlogFest Asia 2010. Again, I quickly sent an email to register.

It was a day before the Penang Heritage Tour and still no news from anyone from the organising committees. My you-got-to-be-efficient-&-effective button was activated and I was very angry. I emailed them again and finally a guy called Vincent replied me and everything was settled.

Vincent Hu, Blogger of The YearLeft to right: Vincent Hu, John Khor, Angelia Teoh.

Vincent Hu, blogger of The Year 2010 @

Vincent Hu, receiving his Blogger of the Year 2010 award from Jeremiah Foo, chairman of

At that time, I was thinking, “Blogfest Asia 2010 sucks!” That’s my initial response. I mean, we had been trained to think this way. We wanted everything to be perfect. Faster internet connection, better handphones, greater customer service, more delicous food and the list goes on. When something went wrong, we started to blame them and giving all kinds of acidic comments and making their lives miserable.

In the pursuit of betterment of our lives, we often forget something very simple, the act of courtesy.

This is what happened to me.

I am not currying favor from the organisors or sponsors but it’s a fact. I mean the whole event is free and what can I ask for more.

Some might say that without constructive critism, the event cannot be better. That’s half right only as who am I to give the criticism.  We leave the criticism to the organisers or the sponsors but not participants. We must show appreciation and gratitude because it is really not that easy to organise event in such proportion.

I will give credit when it’s due. That’s me. And I can say that the whole  event is very successful with many insights on blogging and social media, mini seminars on blogging issues, great food and etc. The whole event was made even successful with the friendly & helpful attitude of the organising committees and most of all, the participants. I met a lot, a lot, a lot of new, exciting, friendly, special, international, pretty, beautiful, celebrity-status and outgoing friends.

Ji Aun AI FM DJ @ Blogfest Asia 2010, PenangJi Aun, AI FM DJ, giving a talk about blogging.

Singaporean Clebrity Blogger, Silver Ang  @ Blogfest Asia 2010, PenangSingaporean Celebrity Blogger, Silver Ang @ Blogfest Asia 2010, Penang

Bobby, Tactical One @ Blogfest Asia 2010, Penang

Bobby, Phillipines from Tactical One @ Blogfest Asia 2010, Penang.

Cambodian Bloggers @ Blogfest Asia 2010, Penang

Cambodian bloggers @ Blogfest Asia 2010, Penang.

Cambodian & Penang Bloggers & Blogfest Asia 2010 Chairman, Kok Khai

Cambodian & Penang bloggers & Blogfest Asia 2010 Chairman, Khan Kai.

Myanmar Bloggers Society (MBS) @ Blogfest Asia 2010, Penang

Myanmar Bloggers Society (MBS) members.

Myanmar, Phillipines, Vietnam & Penang friends @ Blogfest Asia 2010

Myanmar, Phillipines, Vietnam & Penang friends @ Blogfest Asia 2010.

The Whole Gang of Bloggers @ Blogfest Asia 2010, Penang

The Whole Gang of Bloggers.

Penang Food Blogger, Alan ChoongPenang Food Blogger, Alan Choong.

Jeremiah Foo, Chairman

Jeremiah Foo, Founder.

I really hope that we as participants of any subsidised or sponsored events will not be so critical and be more grateful of the organiser’s efforts.

As it turned out, BlogFest Asia 2010 was one of my most memorable event in my life as not only I met a lot of great new friends, learnt a whole lot more about blogging and even winning a blogging contest and getting myself and my blog being featured in local newspaper.What more could I ask for? I am really blessed. Thank you Blogfest Asia 2010 for giving me such an opportunity and opened up more opportunities to me after winning the Let’s Blog contest.

I am suprised in how our life takes turn. To me, it’s taking a good turn now and hope it stays the same.

Winners of mybloggercon Bloggers Awards @ Blogfest Asia 2010, Penang

Winners of mybloggercon Bloggers Awards @ Wawasan Open University.

Bobby. Phillipines about Privacy & Securiy @ Blogfest Asia 2010, Penang

Learnt a great deal about internet security, privacy issues and password security from Bobby!

Jeremiah Foo & Jess Cheng on Travelogue @ Blogfest Asia 2010, Penang

Learnt more about photography and travelogue skills from Jeremiah Foo & Jess Cheng. By the way, I get to see Leica M8 through Jeremiah. Cool!

Empowering Social Media Talk @ Blogfest Asia 2010, Penang

Learnt how to use social medias to help promote a cause through Empowering Social Media mini-seminar.

See you at the next BlogFest Asia or the next bloggers event.

More post about BlogFest Asia 2010 will be coming. Stay tuned!

Blogfest Asia 2010 @ Penang sucks!!! is great!!! I revised my comment!

If you agreed with what I say or disagree, please comment! I would like to hear what you think about this post! Thank you!

@ Blogfest Asia 2010, Penang

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13 Responses

  1. Don Cox says:

    When people come from a lot of different Asian countries to a meeting like this, what language(s) are they using?

    Is it all in English?

  2. Htaike Htaike Aungn says:

    Hey John, yah rocks and we got to meet cool ppl like you guys! =))

  3. admin says:

    Yes. BlogFest Asia 2010 event was conducted in English except Bloggers Awards (these awards were meant for Mandarin-written bloggers) was conducted in Mandarin. Come and join us next time.

  4. admin says:

    Hi Htaike Htaike, welcome to my blog. Yeah, Blogfest Asia 2010 rocks. And I met lots lots of cool, great, smart ppl like you too!! Let’s wait for the next BlogFest Asia 2011.

  5. 侠客 says:

    You know, when 1st saw your title, I thinking “what!!!”..hahahaha.. but then, I know what you mean.

    It great to know all of you as well. Soon we are going to gather again. Send me an email again so that I can keep your email add in my list.

  6. admin says:

    Haha. Caught ya! I really hope that participants will be appreciative to the organizers’ efforts, not only BlogFest Asia 2010 but in any events. It it really not easy to organize events. I have been through that too. I hope that we will be seeing each other soon. Now we will meet only through blogs and Facebook. Congratulations for your iPad! ***saliva drooling***

  7. Master Lee says:

    Well done, John. My mum knows you well and if you want to know who I m, click here

  8. admin says:

    Thanks for the wishes. Thanks for dropping by. I know who you are. =)

  9. Willy says:

    My God! I just read your post and I have to say sorry for not replying your email. As there were almost 50 e-mails per day. That time, the registration havent closed yet and so I have to settle all the registration 1st. Then when I came back to the email, oh my god~ there were so many kind of questions~ But I am the only one who in-charged of that. I was so busy with my school work ( I am a teacher) and usually I will settle those emails in the mid night. So, some emails I just forwarded to the person who incharge, and they will answer those emails.

    So, sorry if I make you angry~ Not purposely, I work until I wanna cry when all the registration come last minute, felt so helpless~but since everyone work so hard, therefore I have to work hard as well, so I never ask anyone to help me or keep blaming……

  10. Raymond says:

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    I hope to meet you at iStrategy 2010


  11. Michael says:

    Hey John, does ur head as big in person? Cheers!

  12. johnkhor says:

    That’s so bad of you… 😛 Yeah, I have the biggest head in my family. That’s why I am the smartest. Just joking. 🙂

  13. Michael says:

    its a compliment! ur cool..cheers!

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