BlogFest Asia 2010 is in Penang!!!

Hi guys and girls.

BlogFest Asia 2010 @ Penang

I’ll be attending the upcoming BlogFest Asia 2010 which I just got to know a few days earlier. Lucky I get to register for it.

This is the 2nd cross-border gathering for blogger community in Asia. It’s a festival for all bloggers in Asia. I am so excited to meet all different bloggers from our neighboring communities. It is held in Penang, one of the top tourist destination in South East Asia. The event will be held at Wawasan Open University.

The 3-day Blogfest.Asia ’2010 event program at-a-glance will consist of:

  • One-day Penang Familiarization Tour (1st Oct 2010)
  • One evening gathering / welcome dinner exclusively for participating bloggers (1st Oct 2010 evening)
  • Half-day conference (2nd Oct 2010)
  • 2010 Mybloggercon award (2nd Oct 2010 evening)
  • Workshops and group discussions (2nd Oct 2010 & 3rd Oct 2010)

I am really looking forward to this event because this is the first time I am attending a bloggers’ event. Tomorrow I will be attending the Penang Heritage Tour (Imagine that, a Penangnite going for a Penang Heritage Tour… Haha Let’s see what I get to learn from this tour) from 9pm to 6pm before attending the welcome dinner, hosted by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia. Guess what, the welcome dinner will be held at Queens Elizabeth II at Church Street Pier. I have heard of the place but never actually go there before. Yeah!!!

The best thing of all – Everything is free including the dinners and all the talks on blogging. I really appreciate this event and thanks to all the organizers.

I am charging all the batteries of my loyal camera, Sony DSC 2 and my camcorder, JVC. More info and pics coming up.

BlogFest Asia 2010, here I come!

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