A 5 year-old blind pianist from Korea

Everytime whenever I am feeling down or simply feeling blue, I will find videos in Youtube to motivate me or inspire me again.

This is a very motivational and inspirational video that makes me cry in awe and respect whenever I watch it. She is Yoo Ye Eun, a pianist from Korea. She is blind since she was born. She has absolute pitch and started to play piano since 3 years old. God knows how to make people understand his Mightiness.  I am impressed. The video clip from a reality show in Korea, called Star King was simply touching. The song that Ye Eun chose to sing was so right and it just makes tears coming down.

It reminds me that while others who are less able and less fortunate people than me never give up their hope and keep on going forward in their lives, I was there always complaining about the how unfair things are and how unfortunate I am and so on.


It makes me feel shameful that I have time to do those things. I will always remind myself that I will never let negative thinking to take over me and will go forward with my life with hope and optimism. I will also learn how to put my talents in good use and realise my true potential. Each of us has a calling and I am searching mine. What about you?


P/S: In case you want to know whether is there a sequel to the video above. Yes, there is. Here you go.

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