The Need of Good Phone Casing!

Galaxy Note 2 Matte Shell Case

The popularity of smartphones has spun another industry which the phone casing industry. The growth for this industry exploded after the craze for iPhones and other Android smartphones especially those flagship models such Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, HTC One and others.

The need to protect our smartphones is understandable. It’s not ‘kiasu’ syndrome. Each high-end phones are costing around RM2,000++ which you can buy a low-end laptop for usage. Imagine that. Moreover, smartphones are prone to falls, scratches and chips. So, a proper and good phone casing is very important to ensure that your smartphone is still in tip-top condition.

I don’t like this mentality, ‘Since you can buy RM2,000++ phones, RM100-RM200++ phone casing should be not a problem la…’ Hello, you think our money is printed or easily obtained. The money is our hard earned cash and I still wish to spend it wisely. So, I suggest that you do research and find a good deal for your casing since the same phone casing, for example, Samsung Galaxy S4 case has different pricing at different places and different websites.

What’s your say?

P/S: I have bought 4 phone cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 2. And still looking for better ones or stylish ones. 😛 Phone case has become a fashion statement. 🙂

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