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[ADV] Affordable Designer-Quality Bags

Nowadays, we do not only carry our smartphones but tablets too. Smartphone is for our daily necessities usage and tablet is for better viewing pleasure and better gaming experience. So, previously we cover about...

RM1 Stylus For Smartphones & Tablets 0

RM1 for Stylus? Yes! Limited to 500 Units Only!!!

Well, for normal usage daily, our fingers will be able to do the job very well already. After using touch screen phones or tablets for a year or plus, I start to missed the accurate stylus. I need the stylus for my drawing, writing and sometimes playing games. And finally I I have bought one for myself. Now I can draw, scribble and do more things with my smartphone and especially my iPad 2. Nowadays, some of my friends are picking up Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 or 8.0 because it has dedicated stylus.

New iPad Desktop Type Casing 0

iPad Casings Are Getting Trendier!

Well looks like the phone accessories manufacturers are making lots and lots of money from casings and with the introduction of tablets, there is even more money for them to make. Nowadays we own...