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Langkawi Island Tour - Langkawi Cable Car 1 2

Review: Pulau Langkawi One Day Trip by Langkawi Nature Discovery Part II: Langkawi Cable Car

Now the adventure of Langkawi Island starts!!!

After the hearty lunch, we are brought to the main tourist attraction of Langkawi Island:


This has been the place that I wanted to visit ever since my first visit to Langkawi Island. I have been seeing pictures of Langkawi Cable Car and the sceneries in Facebook and the pictures are so marvellous. I really can’t wait to see it myself.

Pulau Langkawi Nature Discovery 1-day Trip Review 0

Review: Pulau Langkawi One Day Trip by Langkawi Nature Discovery Part I

I have been invited to review the Langkawi Nature Discovery trip. It’s a 1-day tour in Pulau Langkawi. Yeah!!! Pulau Langkawi. The name means an island of reddish brown eagles. Pulau is island in Malay. Lang, a short form of Helang means eagle. Kawi means reddish brown. Hence, the name Pulau Langkawi.

We met at Swettenham Pier at 7:30am before boarding the ferry to Langkawi. The ferry starts at 8:15am sharp. The organiser is so nice to give us VIP seats.

Dinner buffet desserts review @ Palms Restaurant, Hydro Hotel Penang 5 2

Review: Hydro Hotel Batu Ferringhi, Penang Part IV: Dinner Buffet (Desserts & Conclusion)

So, overall, Hydro Hotel dinner buffet is a must try if you like hotel buffets. There are many variety of foods and many kinds of desserts. There are roughly around 80 kinds of food. I really liked the BBQ section and also the desserts section.

Palms Restaurant @ Hydro Hotel Penang, Malaysia
Miami Beach, Batu Ferringhi 11100 Penang, Malaysia.
Tel No: +604-8905999 ext 170
GPS: 5° 28′ 41.64″ N, 100° 16′ 4.62″ E

Nikon D7000 Purchase Review 6 3

Our 1st DSLR!!! Nikon D7000!!!

Finally… Our 1st DSLR!

17/11/2010. I will never forget this day. It is the day we purchased our 1st DSLR. It’s a Nikon D7000.

After waiting for so long for Nikon D7000 to come to Malaysia especially Penang, I became stunted and undecided. It’s like you can’t believe it that you can buy it now. Suddenly, I was worried whether it is a wise purchase as we seldom buy things when they are first launched.

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