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My YES 4G Experience in Penang!!!

I have been testing the speed of Yes 4G in various location in Penang. Here are the list of locations that I have tested in Penang. If you have any places that you wish...

Japan 2011 April 7, 7.1 earthquake location 0

Another 7.1 earthquake hits Japan around 10:30pm Malaysian Time (GMT +8) April 7, 2011!!!

Another earthquake has struck Japan while I was clearing my letters and updating my blog. It was measured 7.4 at first and later US Geological Survey (USGS) revised it to 7.1.

This is indeed a sad story to be heard. I believe this will become the headline again tomorrow morning in all our major dailies. Japan, what is happening to you actually?

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How to Stop Getting Email Notification for Comments Moderation or Comments from Your WordPress Blog?

Yeah. I have been getting a lot of email notifications from Wordpress for comments moderation and comments from my readers.

At first, I am very excited and happy to receive emails from Wordpress to notify me that my readers had commented in my blog posts. After a while, as my comments are getting more, so does my emails in my email inbox.

iPad 2 Lowyat Shop, Malaysia 25

iPad 2 Price in Malaysia… RM6000++???

iPad 2 Price in Malaysia… RM6000++???
Yup. That’s the price that you need to pay for owning the latest product from Apple in Malaysia.
One shop in Lowyat selling iPad 2 WiFi + 3G model for RM6,000 and iPad 2 WiFi only model for RM4,500. Ready stock