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Plants VS Zombies 2 It's About Time Game 1

‘Plants VS Zombies 2 – It’s About Time (PVZ2)’ Will Be Launched in July 2013!!!

Plants VS Zombies sequel is coming up after a 4-year gap. This is great news for fans of PVZ including me. has to admit that he started playing this game after many people have played this game.

It was recommended by my friend and every since the first round that I had played, I had been in sleepless mode for a week or two. I manage to complete the game within a week if I remember it correctly. It was a really addictive game and killing zombies with plants never got so exciting. And the Endless game in the special mode was the most satisfying trophy to earn. I had to Google the solution and finally managed to earn the trophy. Definitely a great game.