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Yes 4G New Double Valuepack 0

Why Is All My Yes 4G Data, Minutes & SMS Quota Gone Except My Yes Credit?

I believe some of Yes 4G users are in shock when they opened up their account details in their Yes Life app either in Android or iOS to discover that their data, calls and SMS quota are all gone. For those of you facing this issue, there might be a glitch and please inform Yes 4G. This is their careline 018-3330000 or go over here to contact them through online or tweet them at @yescare. Or you have forgotten to top up your Yes account.

P1 MiFi MF230 Rises 0

P1 (Packet One Networks) Finally Launched Their Own MiFi, MF230!

It’s definitely the right time for P1 to rise in the personal broadband hotspot or MiFi category in the telecommunication industry. Almost all other telco players have launched their own MiFi modem. Moreover, with the increasing usage of tablets and smartphones, the demand for MiFi is growing. Packet One Networks (M) Sdn Bhd introduces MiFi MF230.

Yes 4G Huddle 46

Why is my Yes Huddle blinking red very fast and not working?

Well, if you have this issue, don’t freak out yet because there’s really nothing wrong with your Yes Huddle. No need to call Yes Care or tweet to @YesCare.

Nobody dropped your Yes Huddle. Nobody stole your Yes 4G account and changed your password. Nothing.

Yes 4G & e-Pay terminal 5

You can now reload your YES 4G at more than 11,800 e-Pay Terminals!

Recently, YTL Communications had partnered with e-Pay to provide Yes 4G users the convenience to top up their Yes 4G accounts at more than 11, 800 e-Pay terminals.

This is good news to Yes 4G fans as previously, they can only top up their accounts at Yes Stores only. Now, they can top up their accounts at 7-11 outlets because most of them have e-Pay terminals. They can now top up 24/7.