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A world of glasses and touchscreens in the future?

The Future with Touchscreens by Corningware.

Let’s enjoy a video of the future that is not so distant.
Impressed? I am speechless. I really hope that these kind of technologies will become reality during my lifetime.

Touchscreen has become the norm and no longer a technology that some geniuses or geeks get to enjoy.

RIM Playbook Blackberry Tablet @ Malaysia 0

RIM Playbook Preview for Malaysians this coming Friday, April 15, 2011!

I am so envious of those who are invited to preview one of the most anticipated tablet in 2011, Playbook by Research In Motion (RIM).

Malaysia is one of the few countries outside of United States (US) to preview this tablet by Blackberry. Blackberry Playbook is rumored to launch in US somewhere May/June 2011.