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Motorola Xoom @ Google Android Honeycomb 3.0 0

Motorola Xoom is BETTER than iPad?

Well, some of you might not be aware of this. Motorola Xoom is officially launched in US on February 24 2011. I wonder when will Motorola Xoom come to Malaysia?

Now the tablet competition is getting more serious as Motorola Xoom has proven to be a real competitor to iPad and review made by Engadget says that Motorola Xoom outclasses iPad in some areas. I don’t have a hands-on unit of Motorola Xoom, so, I think I should just trust Engadget for their remarks.

Rumored iPad 2 Picture 2

iPad 2 Is Out Already & It’s Bigger & Meaner!!!*

Haven’t you heard or read in the Internet? iPad 2 is out already!
It’s bigger and meaner! It has louder speakers and even has a control for the bass. This new iPad 2 even has a new feature where it can auto edit your photos and videos. Isn’t it cool? It even can automatically downloads songs that you like and deletes songs that you don’t like. And the new iPad 2 seems to have a dislike of Justin Bieber songs. It will automatically self-destruct if there’s Justin Bieber songs.

Apple iPad in Malaysia 0

Apple iPad Price in Malaysia & Launching Soon!!!

iPad is here in Malaysia already!

Actually, it’s another 12 hours before the official launching! Anyway, Malaysian can enjoy iPad now although many had purchased the iPad overseas. Why is it that everything is always last in Malaysia? Maybe should write an email for Steve Jobs? 🙂
And the most important thing. The price of iPad in Malaysia!

iPhone 4 Camera 5-Megapixel 9

3 Reasons That I should Not Buy iPhone 4 & Wait for iPhone 5!!!

To iPhone 4 or to not iPhone 4?

Should I get iPhone 4 or not? I have been thinking about this for the last few weeks ever since the launching of iPhone 4 in Malaysia.

Finally after doing endless researching on pros and cons of iPhone 4 and also the future features of iPhone 5, I have decided not to buy iPhone 4 now. I will wait for iPhone 5.

Digi's iPhone 4 0

iPhone 4 is REALLY in Malaysia already!!!

It’s here!

iPhone 4 has reached Malaysia after so many months of speculating, guessing and second guessing about it.

Digi launched the phone earlier and followed by Maxis. I am surveying the packages that Digi and Maxis are dishing out. I read that if you talk a lot, then you should use Maxis’ package and if you are a heavy data user, then you should consider Digi’s package.