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iPhone 5 with aluminium backing & redesigned antenna 0

iPhone 5 to come with Aluminium Backing & Redesigned Antenna?

According to a Chinese source, Apple will replace the current glass design with aluminium casing due to problem with scratches on the glass surfaces, difficulties with white paint and the weight of the glass just like the first iPhone’s aluminium back casing.

Apple iOS 4.3 launching 0

iOS 4.3 launching on March 10, 2011?

Yup. iOS 4.3 will be launching on March 10, 2011. iOS 4.3 will launch a day earlier than iPad 2 release date. The rumors have been around the blogosphere these days.

iPad 2 Japan @ Ginza Apple Store 19

Planning to get iPad 2 in Japan this coming March 25th 2011?

Japan will be getting their iPad 2 this coming March 25th 2011. And coincidentally, I will be going to Japan soon. This is so great. That’s why I am researching on whether should I buy iPad 2 in Japan. So, I asked someone who is expert in Apple products and lives in Japan. Here’s the excerpt:

iPad Malaysia price slashed 6

iPad Malaysia prices slashed after iPad 2 announcement!

Yup, after the announcement of iPad 2, the price of iPad in Malaysia has been slashed. The price for the basic 16GB WiFi only iPad is RM1199. That’s RM350 discount. All WiFi only iPad models have RM350 discount.