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Maxis Samsung Galaxy S II RM799 promotion in Penang 0

Maxis extends RM799 Samsung Galaxy S II promotion in Penang!

Yup. Go ahead and lose some sleep and queue up early in the morning at Queensbay Mall (North Wing) to get one. Only limited to the 1st 50 customers only. I always feel that the telcos are underestimating the buying power of Penangnites. Only 50 units? Surely not enough!

Maxis extends its RM799 during the launch in Mid Valley, KL to Penang!!! Hooray!!! But only 50 units 🙁 compared to the 300 units in KL. The details are as below:

Cut the Rope Android OS 3

Cut the Rope is available for Android OS!!!

Good news for Android users!!! Another very popular game from iOS platform has come to Andriod. What is the game? Cut the Rope!

It’s a very addictive game besides Angry Birds. Basically, you need to cut the ropes to drop the candy for a creature called Om Nom. It’s created by ZeptoLabs. It’s totally free but it’s ad-supported. 🙁

Maxis HTC HD7 Packages 0

RM799 HTC HD7 from Maxis!!!

Yup. You didn’t read wrongly. This is by far the best offering from Maxis. HTC HD7 RRP is RM2,399 and it’s now RM799 with Maxis 24-months contract of Value Plan + 1.5GB/3GB data plan. That’s RM1,600 savings.