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My New Phone: Spice CSL Mi410

*I supposed to write this article way back in September 2011. Pardon me for my such late post. Orz :-)*

Yeah. Finally, I have decided not to buy iPhone 4S yet.

The reason is very personal. I am not saying iPhone 4S is not good. It’s just that I was hoping for a redesigned iPhone and with a bigger screen, not just a bumped-up iPhone. And I also don’t want to pay for a phone that I will have to fork out another amount of money to buy a newer model with newer features such as LTE/4G, NFC or wireless charging next year.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Samsung Galaxy S III SGS3 Leaked Photo 3

[RUMOUR] Samsung Galaxy S III @ SGS3 Launching This May 2012?

After the success of Samsung Galaxy S II or SGS2, everyone is looking forward to what Samsung will do with Samsung Galaxy S III or SGS3.

Millions of Samsung Galaxy S II units sold worldwide and 1000% more units sold compared to its previous model, Samsung Galaxy S or SGS in Malaysia, it’s considered to be on par with iPhone or some claim even better than iPhone.

Now, the whole blogosphere is buzzing with rumours of SGS3. Here are the rumors about SGS3:

Angry Birds Seasons Year of the Dragon CNY 0

Angry Birds Seasons Update: Year of the Dragon!!!

Angry Bird fans, 23rd of January 2012 marks the start of the Year of Dragon according to the Chinese 12-zodiacs year cycle and Rovio has something for you. There’s a new update for your Angry Birds Seasons!!! It’s called the Year of Dragon.

In this Year of Dragon update, expect a lot of fireworks, red envelopes (hung pao in Mandarin), lanterns and Chinese knots to match with Year of Dragon theme.