YTL’s YES 4G rates leaked!

Somebody in the Twittersphere shared with us the leaked YES 4G price plan. There’s a picture that shows the rates that YES 4G is charging. 9 sen for 1 minute of talk-time, 1 SMS and 3MB of data.

YTL YES 4G Price Plan Rates & Prices

If this is the same rate for home use, then, we can kiss YES 4G goodbye!

From this Pay as You Use pricing, 1 GB of 4G data is around RM30++. This is quite competitive, provided that the speed is as promised, 3 to 5 times faster than 3G. If not, then YTL 4G will not have the Unique Selling Point (USP) and will not dominate the mobile data industry. Hopefully, they will come out a different plan for home users.

The call rate and SMS rate for YES 4G is very good but the information is quite vague. 9 sen for 1 minute call & 1 SMS is applicable to YES 4G networks or to other mobile networks too. This is very attractive and YTL did say in their website that they will not tie you down with plans or contracts.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed and wait until the official launching of YTL 4G mobile internet with voice on this November 19th 2010 (Friday).

What’s your say?

Picture courtesy of this.

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16 Responses

  1. Hong C. Wern says:

    ah john! Thanx for sharing this info..I’ve got my number chosen d for about you?

  2. admin says:

    No prob! YES! I had said YES to YTL’s YES 4G and registered my number dee. Hopefully YES will really make a lot Malaysian smile with YES, not NO with DISAPPOINTMENT! If that really happens, then YTL YES 4G commercial must change to NO and sour faces already.

  3. CP says:

    it’s unlikely that there’ll be different rates for home users.
    seems like its more for users on the go who doesn’t want to rely on wireless access points . the selling point is probably the speed and that the credits doesn’t expire. if the home rates are the same, it’ll impact the mobile industry(like Maxis, Digi, Celcom) more than it does TMNet Streamyx / Unifi .

  4. admin says:

    that’s really bad news for many of the broadband users. It seems that an angel is coming to rescue us from the devils of broadband but it’s also another devil in disguise!!!

  5. aab says:

    the hell 3mb = 9sen based quota 3gb roughly RM90…SAY NO im go back to streamyx
    even though fixed line its still unlimited usage… even digi discover day plan better

  6. admin says:

    Ya. Many are quite worried about this. Is the 9 sen for mobile internet or home use? Let’s wait and see. Hopefully YTL’s YES 4G can solve our problems and meets our expectactions. Don’t let 4G becomes $G.

  7. aab says:

    found this good comparison
    selling point yes 4g only speed? try acces…. down already

  8. admin says:

    now, it’s pretty obvious already. thanks for the help.

  9. Hunter says:

    YTL Yes = Bad

    1 cheat your money , all have you pay and can’t use
    2 call centre all dead , call all the way no answer and ask you list down your number but never call back to you.
    3 Go to “KL Centre” to ask for help they said its something problem with yes system , we will call you tonight or tomorrow for sure to explanations, few day no one call from them.
    4 Log on to “” , just press all the link have to wait 1hour or more than that and alway came out “server error”
    5 super waste time and super bad service.

    Don’t remove this, because this is a complaint, till you fixed the problem.

  10. speciallens says:

    agree! another devil! too bad to see that there is no unlimited package.

  11. johnkhor says:

    Haha… There has been a lot of issues after the launching of YES 4G. Registration, customer service and support, access of devices, bad advertising tactics but speed is good as many had tried and there’s a free 10GB of data.

    Yes. There is unlimited package just that you have to burn a hole in your pocket to do so. Haha. They never set a limit for you. Just that we need to limit ourselves only. With the 3-5X faster than 3G, this also means that our pocket’s hole will burn 3-5X faster. 🙂

  12. Ngto123 says:

    Why do you say it’s leaked. It’s been openly sold by their agents for weeks already with printed brochures and all.

  13. Ngto123 says:

    I wasn’t too attentive. I guess I should have looked at the Year of the original post. I am 1 year too late , sorry about that 🙂

  14. Nohmas says:

    They rob you. I have to keep on reloading every 2 weeks even with normal usage as before. Prior to this I was using streamyx and P1. Impressed with huddle donggle due to its mobility but now very suspicious on their rate calculation…

  15. johnkhor says:

    True. I just had a case with Yes 4G. Just reloaded my Campus Pack RM28 for 1GB of data at 10:30am++ and I was just surfing the internet looking for articles for my assignments, then did a Skype call to a HP number in SG for around 10 mins++ and after that around 12pm++, I cannot surf Internet already and I was asked to reload again. I am so shocked. Called to Yes 4G hotline and they said I had used up my 1GB. That’s all they can answer. I am so disappointed. 🙁

  16. Calvintwk says:

    I am facing the same problem with you. But I take it cause I was in MALAYSIA!!!!!

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