You can now reload your YES 4G at more than 11,800 e-Pay Terminals!

Yes 4G & e-Pay terminal

YTL Communications & e-Pay terminals.

Recently, YTL Communications had partnered with e-Pay to provide Yes 4G users the convenience to top up their Yes 4G accounts at more than 11, 800 e-Pay terminals.

This is good news to Yes 4G fans as previously, they can only top up their accounts at Yes Stores only. Now, they can top up their accounts at 7-11 outlets because most of them have e-Pay terminals. They can now top up 24/7.

For Penangnites who are interested in knowing more about Yes 4G, you can drop by their last roadshow in Penang at Prangin Mall, Penang from March 24 – March 27.

Yes Store will be opening in Queensbay Mall, Penang somewhere in April 2011. Penangnites, stay tuned!

So, have you said Yes? If so, please share with me your experience!

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5 Responses

  1. Fakhri Shahthibi says:

    see you all soon at penang store.currently we are at vistana hotel

  2. johnkhor says:

    yeah! i hope to be able to cover Penang Store’s opening too. Please let me know the time of opening.

  3. Twsdevingg says:

    yes broadband possible top up at 7-11?

  4. johnkhor says:


  5. William lo says:

    Can I buy the top up for yes prepaid in any 7eleven store?

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