Why Is All My Yes 4G Data, Minutes & SMS Quota Gone Except My Yes Credit?

I believe some of Yes 4G users are in shock when they opened up their account details in their Yes Life app either in Android or iOS to discover that their data, calls and SMS quota are all gone. For those of you facing this issue, there might be a glitch and please inform Yes 4G. This is their careline 018-3330000 or go over here to contact them through online or tweet them at @yescare. Or you have forgotten to top up your Yes account.

Those who are used to the RM30 monthly commitment and carry forward of unused data, minutes and SMSes will have to take note of Yes 4G new changes. Below is an excerpt from their website about their new changes. Click here for more details from their website.

Important Note:
With the introduction of our new Yes Valuepacks, your unutilised voice, SMS and data balances from previously purchased Valuepacks 25/68/150 before 03-May-2013 will still be valid for 90 days. This will give you ample time to use up the remaining balances but will be forfeited on 1st August 2013 if unutilised.

Rest assured that during this 90 days, if you purchase any new Yes Valuepack, your usage will first be deducted from the balance of your previous Valuepacks until depletion before any deduction is made to your new Valuepacks.

So, those of you who have accumulated a lot a lot of unused data, minutes and SMSes, go full blast and enjoy them before 1st of August which is roughly 90 days.

For those who do not use Yes 4G as their main broadband service provider, there is a good news for you. Yes 4G has revised their Yes Prepaid Plan. Now you don’t need to spend at least RM30 per month to keep your account valid. Now Yes 4G is truly living its claim where you are not bind to any contracts. Now it is truly prepaid. You pay as you use.

And there is another good news whereby Yes 4G will give you additional data based on your quarterly top-up. And the great thing about the additional data is that it will not expire. I hope Yes 4G will separate the data given free and our own data to let us see clearly how much balance of data do we have and also to use up our purchased data 1st.

Here is the additional data given based on your quarterly top-up:

> RM75-RM150      (1GB – 500MB off-peak / 500MB peak)
> RM150 – RM450  (3GB – 1.5GB off-peak / 1.5GB peak)
> RM450                 (6GB – 3GB off-peak / 3GB peak)

For your information, off-peak time is 2AM-8AM and peak time is 8AM-2AM. And if you are interested with this new Yes prepaid plan, you need to activate it through their webpage. Click here for activation. For more information about this new Yes Prepaid Plan, click here.

While Yes users no longer have to commit to RM30 per month is a good news but not being able to carry forward unused data, calls and SMSes is a BIG turn off. So, if you are not using all your valuepacks, remember to switch off your auto-renewal. I have done mine. And remember to take advantage of their new valuepacks that are available until 2nd August 2013. Here are the valuepacks:

Yes 4G New Double ValuepackWhat’s your say? Yes or No?

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